OceanTeacher has been developed as a training system for ocean data managers (working in ocean data centres), marine information managers (marine librarians) as well as for marine researchers who wish to acquire knowledge on data and/or information management. In addition OceanTeacher is being used for training in other related disciplines.

OceanTeacher has two main components: the OceanTeacher Digital Library (a collection of knowledge and resources) and the OceanTeacher OpenCourseWare – the site you are visiting now – (a collection of course outlines and courseware).

When the Digital Library and OpenCourseWare are used together for a training event this is called anOceanTeacher Classroom. The collection of all training instances constitutes the OceanTeacher Academy.

Course ODP

2013ODINAFRICA Ocean Data Portal training-of-trainers courseOstend, BelgiumODINAFRICA Ocean Data Portal training-of-trainers coursehttp://classroom.oceanteacher.org/course/view.php?id=174
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