Discovery service disseminates a  data source catalogue with descriptions of resources in the form of XML files. The metadata  record  is  based  on  ISO  19115. The  ODP  service  provides  user  interfaces for data and product search supported by the catalogue. The data source catalogue can  be  accessed  from  external  systems directly  or  alternatively  by  reformatting into other metadata structures.

Viewing service is based on web‐ based  application  accessible  via  the  web browser and provides:
• data  search  that  defines  the sampling  criteria  using  a  spatial  region, time period, phenomena, platform, etc.;

• access  to  remote  data  sources via  the  Integration  Server  including request status monitoring; and

• processing  of  transport  data files  and  tabular‐graphic  and  map visualization  of  data  using  standard forms.

Analysis service has been developed to provide near real-time GIS-layer generation from distributed datasets both with interactive and fast presentation of multidisciplinary data and products on a map. It also includes Web Map Services (WMS) as a viewing service for data representation on a map. The user can sdjust the composition of the map layers, the number of maps for viewing and other specifications.

The service enables a joint analysis of data to provide a view of the spatial variability of marine processes. ODP renders maps generated by the analysis service using Open Layers and MapServer.

   Download service allows the user to download selected data to the local computer after viewing. If time scheduling is required to download data, the user can register  the  site  for  downloading,  the  list of  required  datasets  and  the  sampling criteria.  The  transport  data  file  formats that are available are:
• NetCDF  ‐  E2E  convention
(JCOMM, 2008)
Selected  data  can  be  either downloaded in a single zip‐file or viewed using the ODP result viewing service.