2004 .
Acceptance of the concept “E2EDM” and Workplan prototyping technology within GE PUD JCOMM / IODE .
The first version of the technical specification of through data management technology , production of the first version of the software ( ” data provider “, ” Integration Server ” ) . Launch of the first version of the site about technology http://e2edm.meteo.ru.
2005 .
Connecting NODCs :
• Belgium ( Flemish Institute for Sea )
• Russia ( RIHMI-WDC )
• France ( IFREMER )
• United Kingdom ( MetOfis )
Data: INE , these systems GTS data from Argo floats , data from ships

Creation of the first version of the portal user to access data
Presentation of the prototype 18 session of the IOC Committee on IODE and WMO / IOC JCOMM-II session.
2006-2007 .
Establishing cooperation between IODE and WIS regarding ODP .
Expansion of data sources for the operation of a prototype warning system of marine phenomena (tsunamis , etc.)
Presentation 19 Session of the IOC Committee on IODE E2EDM adopted as the core technology for the IODE Ocean Data Portal .
2008-2009 .

On the basis of technical specifications and software technology E2EDM.

2009-2012 .


ODP V2 – implementation of standardization of methods and means of interaction interfaces .

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