IODE ODP network model

    In accordance with the existing IODE structure and taking into account the IOC Strategic Plan for Data and Information Management the ODP participants are, as applicable, provide the operations of the global, regional/specialized, technical and national nodes.

The ODP Global node operates at the IODE Project Office and main task will be the coordination of the operation of the IODE marine distributed data and information system including the monitoring the system performance, dissemination of system statistics and reports.

Role of the ODP Regional and Specialized nodes is to integrate the regional (based on IODE ODIN) and other IOC regional programmes or specific programme (JCOMM and etc.) managing segments of the distributed marine data system in interconnection with national (thematic) nodes of responsibility area.

ODP National node functions are provided by IODE NODCs as well as other centres that feed data and services collected/generated in the country or programme into the distributed data system via a global or regional/specialize nodes.

The ODP Technical node (ODPPartnershipCenter) provides development, hosting and maintaining the ODP toolkit and also technical assistance to the ODP nodes to achieve their global, regional and thematic objectives.

Other projects, programmes or initiatives such as WIS, ICSU WDS, SeaDataNet, GOOS can undertake the role of regional or specialized ODP node.

The ODP v2 toolkit is available to set-up the ODP node by participants based upon the designated participant role and functionality required. ODP participants should have appropriate telecommunications and hardware infrastructure for node operation.

The accreditation mechanism and procedures are established to govern the process by which the ODP nodes are seek formal designation on the IODE-QMF requirements.

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