As a part of planned activities for 2014 of the Partnership Centre for the IODE Ocean Data Portal (PC ODP), acting on the basis of RIHMI -WDC,  training course was conducted for National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS), and implemented an ODP regional node  deployment.Training and coordination of work was carried out by Sergey Belov, head of  PC ODP, Sergey Sukhonosov , lear developer, and Aleksandr Kolesnikov, system engineer (network and telecommunications). Training course was attended by  9 NMDIS specialists in various fields (from marine meteorology to IT ) and included two days lectures and 2.5 days for practical tasks. As a result ODP regional node was installed on a brand new enterprise server and participants were able to provide an access to 7 real data sets via NMDIS data provider. Established node is intended to coordinate and expand a distributed information network under the auspices of ODINWESTPAC. Regional node portal is available at

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