Customization of SNDM Regional node

Following upgrades have been applied to SNDM Retional node:

  • Creation of new theme named “sndm” (portal_style.css  and series of images)  including new header and footer, styling of pages and page blocks, fonts and images;
  • Creation of new JavaScript modules for slider and other interface elements (menus, buttons, links, etc.);
  • Upload of new theme to SNDM ODP Portal and activation of the scheme;

As the result of the delivery of updated ODP SNDM Portal, data search and access has been changed from ad-hoc query base to interface with DataCache. This implies that when updated data sets and their corresponding metadata from Data Provider and Integration Server are loaded to DataCache database (automatically on event) they can be used afterwards for data viewing, download and processing (spatial analysis, merging, etc.).

New applications available:

  • application for viewing and searching metadata at SNDM ODP catalogue stored in DataCache
  • application for accessing data from datasets and displaying it in map, chart and table forms, downloading complete datasets or subsets
  • application for web GIS viewer for services published in SNDM ODP GIS server and from external geo services (OGC WMS, OGC WFS, ArcGIS, geoRSS, etc.)

Customized ODP SNDM Portal home page is available at

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